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About Us

Our Mission

It is simple, ABC:

  • Accuracy – Interest rates are checked multiple times every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Brevity – Under 10 results in each category.
  • Clarity – We let people go direct to each product provider.

What do we do?

Top ISA Rates has been set up to separate the signal from the noise in the world of IFISAs. With so many choices available, we have tried to make comparing the options as clear and simple as possible.

Financial Advice

We are not Financial Advisers nor do we provide any financial advice. This is our opinion only and if you need financial advice we recommend going directly to the Financial Conduct Authority website to begin your search to find yourself the right Adviser. Here is the link to their site here. Be advised that Financial Advisers will charge you, typically between £100 and £300 per hour depending on your area, their expertise etc.

How do we rank the products?

The lists you see on our site are ranked purely by the interest rates offered. Comparing IFISAs like for like is incredibly difficult as there are so many variables. We recommend reading the details of each individual product before making your decision. Some of the listings featured on Top ISA Rates are sponsored. However, we will always show the listings in order of offered interest rate - highest to lowest.

How do we make money?

We earn commission from sponsored product listings. Your data collected by our cookies is never sold, rented or given out (other than to determine commission). We do not collect any of your personal data for the purposes of selling.